KELFORD CAMS for Nissan RB20 & RB25 (NON NVCS)

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Kelford Cams new range of high performance camshafts to suit hydraulic lifter RB20 & RB25 engines, these camshafts suit turbo and non turbo applications, they do not suit the R33 or R34 NVCS engines 

H182-A - Hot street performance, stock turbos and stock ECU. DURATION INAKE 258 EXHAUST 258 LIFT 8.70mm 

H182-B - Drift spec, low duration, low overlap, maximum velocity, for low rpm throttle response. DUR INTAKE 262 EXHAUST 262 LIFT 9.30mm 

H182-C - High lift Racing camshafts, low seat duration, maximum velocity to suit street RB30 with 25 head, requires head machining. DURATTION INTAKE/EXH 264/264 LIFT 10.20mm 

H182-D - 272 degree high lift Drag racing camshafts, suit large turbo, built engine. DURATION INT/EXH 274/274 LIFT 10.50mm 

HL182-A - RB20/25DE-T drop in 264 degree street performance cams, no cylinder head clearancing needed DURATION INT/EXH 264/264 LIFT 9.35mm 

HL182-B - RB20/25DE-T 272 degree street / strip cams, no cylinder head clearancing needed DURATION INT/EXH 270/270 LIFT 9.35mm 

HL182-C - RB20/25DE-T hydraulic 280 degree racing camshafts, no cylinder head clearancing needed. DURATION INT/EXH 280/280 LIFT 9.35mm 

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