Infamous "525" Premium Shift Knob

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The "525":

The Infamous “525” is designed for spirited drivers- it's purpose is to increase shifting feedback and efficiency. For the Infamous individuals that are willing to actually drive their cars the way they are intended - look no further than the 525.

*Every shift knob comes with a protective shift sock - which will help prevent sun-fading and burning your hand in hot climates.


- 525 grams (1.2 lbs)

- 304 Stainless Steel - flame burnt raw steel finish

- Countersunk bore to produce a low center of gravity

- Distinct, functional design


The “525” is in a class of its own. Weighing in at 525 grams, our shift knob has been carefully designed to increase the absorption of shock transmitted through the gear shifter, and allow you change gears MUCH smoother, and with more momentum (therefore - less effort). By keeping the design tight and compact, we have limited the weight so as not to disturb the physics of the shift linkage - (a critical error most companies make that can actually lead to increased wear.) The precise weight of the knob, combined with its proven form and distinct finish will allow you to set yourself ahead of the competition.

*At Infamous, we cannot stress the importance of individuality and self - expression, which lie at the absolute core of this passion. Because of this, we have chosen to leave the shifter as raw, burnt steel. Through its lifetime - the finish of your piece will transform, and eventually begin to show signs of stress and abuse - proving that you have driven your car in the way it was intended to be, and telling the stories of your travels.

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